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In The Garden

Jobs for January’s garden

Posted: 6th January 2023

Jobs for the garden with Martin Fish If your garden is lacking winter interest and structure, now is the perfect time to visit winter gardens or your local garden centre to buy a few new plants. Trees and shrubs with attractive stems or evergreens are perfect for adding winter interest. Before it gets busy in […]

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Jobs for November’s garden

Posted: 10th November 2022

Dahlias - main pic. web

After the hot, dry summer and early part of the autumn, at long last we’ve had some decent rain that has seeped in several inches and the garden now looks so much better as a result. However, when you dig down a spade’s depth in our garden, the soil is still very dry, so we […]

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Hot, hot, hot in August’s garden!

Posted: 16th August 2022

Established pelargoniums provide cuttings at this time of the year. web (2)

The gardener’s diary with Martin Fish After the very hot and dry weather in July, we’re still getting hot weather in August with hosepipe bans likely soon, so we’ll have to wait and see what we get? At the moment, even though we’ve had a couple of light showers, gardens are looking parched, especially lawns. […]

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So busy in July’s garden!

Posted: 16th July 2022

Pelargonium cuttings - main pic

 The gardener’s diary with Martin Fish Keep deadheading roses as the booms fade. Individual flowers can be snipped off or where they are in a cluster, cut the stem back to a bud, to encourage new growth and more flowers. July is the ideal time to trim hedges now that the birds have finished nesting. […]

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May’s jobs in the garden

Posted: 3rd May 2022

Support perennials - web

The gardener’s diary with Martin Fish If you are planting out vegetable plants or shrubs and perennials into the garden, make sure they are well watered in, especially if the soil is dry. Don’t plant bedding plants or put hanging baskets out until the danger of frost has passed. Sweet pea plants can be planted […]

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"Martin first visited our Garden Club for a question time when his spontaneous responses illustrated the breadth and depth of his knowledge combined with a practical approach to gardening"
Sue Sinclair, Hutton Rudby Garden Club