Pots & Trowels

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I’m really pleased to be working again with Sean Riley on our exciting new joint project Pots & Trowels. Sean and I first met many years ago when we both worked for BBC East Midlands Today when I was presenting garden features and Sean was the director.

Earlier this summer Sean and I decided we’d like to make some independent short gardening videos and over a cup of coffee and slice of Jill’s cake, Pots & Trowels was born.

Initially the plan was to put out weekly gardening tips and advice over summer and autumn, but when the national TV gardening programmes ended in autumn, we both felt there was a need to carry on with our weekly tips.

Each week I talk about a couple of seasonal jobs to do in the garden with some extra tips thrown in along the way. It’s very light hearted but will hopefully give you a few ideas of what to do in your garden.

You can watch the weekly videos on Facebook  – @PTrowels or Youtube – @Pots & Trowels

Or simply search for Pots & Trowels

We’d love you to watch them then ‘like and share’ with all your friends!


Sean Riley & Martin Fish - Pots & Trowels