October jobs to keep you busy!

Time to plant garlic

Time to plant garlic

Garlic can be planted now either in trays or directly into the garden. Each garlic bulb will split into approximately 12 cloves which can be planted in well-drained soil approximately 5cm deep. Alternatively if your soil is clay, plant the cloves into a cell tray and grow them on in a cold frame until next spring when they can be planted out.

If you use your greenhouse through the winter clean the glass to allow more light in and insulate with bubble polythene to help retain heat.

Start to pull out old bedding plants and fork the ground over ready for spring plants such as wallflowers and pansies.

To prevent carrot fly grubs causing even more damage to carrots lift the crop now and freeze them.

Check geraniums cuttings taken in September and pick off any dead or yellow leaves. When rooted keep cuttings in a light, frost-free place over winter.

This is about the latest you can scarify lawns to remove moss and thatch which makes the lawn feel spongy when walked on. Use either a wire lawn rake or an electric lawn rake.

Water features need checking over at this time of the year to make sure they are not filling up with autumn leaves and plant remains that could easily clog the filter or pump.