Lazy breakfast time in July’s kitchen!

Sometimes you just don’t want a full English breakfast! When it’s hot weather I don’t like feeling too full so a traditional brunch dish doesn’t work. This sweet treat is a tasty alternative and really makes the most of our wonderful strawberries.

finished web

Strawberry toasty brunch

2 slices fruit loaf (Lincolnshire plum bread if you can get it!)

35g butter

200g ripe strawberries, halved

3 tbspns runny honey

¼ tspn vanilla paste

2 tbspns chopped hazelnuts or flaked almonds

Optional extras – juice of half a lime and/or a pinch of sea salt flakes

2-4 tbspns ricotta cheese

  • Toast the bread in your toaster or use a griddle pan to make stripes
  • Melt a quarter of the butter in a small frying pan till it foams then add the strawberries, cut side down if you can.
  • halve strawberries web
  • Leave to cook over a high heat until they just start to caramelise
  • Add the remaining butter, the honey and the vanilla. Stir round to blend together and pick up any juices from the strawberries.
  • add nuts web
  • Stir through the lime juice or salt then add the hazelnuts.
  • ricotta on bread web
  • Spread the ricotta thickly on the toasted fruit bread then spoon over the strawberries and the nutty sauce

Enjoy straight away