Last of the Autumn colour in November’s garden

This year was a good apple crop and by now the fruits should have all been picked from the trees. It you are storing some, check the fruits every week or so and remove any that are starting to rot, otherwise it will spread to the other apples. In a cool, dark place many varieties such as ‘Bramley’s Seedling’ will keep well into the New Year.

Keep and eye on stored apples

Keep and eye on stored apples

Keep raking leaves from the lawn to prevent a thick layer building up which will smother the grass and weaken it. Use either a large rake, a leaf-vac or a rotary mower set high.  Once collected add them to the compost heap or seal in bags to rot down.

The first of the winter vegetables are now starting to mature and can be picked as and when you need them. It’s a really tasty leaf veg that is available from now until early spring is the Tuscan kale


November is traditionally when Tulips are planted into borders. The rule of thumb is plant at least three times their depth.

If you are over-wintering plants in the greenhouse check the heater is working properly on frosty nights and pick over the plants to remove any dead or mouldy leaves.

Enjoy the last of the autumn colour and while the plants are fresh in your mind make a note of any that you want to include in your garden for next year.