Hot, hot, hot in August’s garden!

The gardener’s diary with Martin Fish

After the very hot and dry weather in July, we’re still getting hot weather in August with hosepipe bans likely soon, so we’ll have to wait and see what we get? At the moment, even though we’ve had a couple of light showers, gardens are looking parched, especially lawns. Don’t worry though, because when it does rain, they will soon green up!

Dead head roses, summer perennials and containers plants little and often to encourage the plants to carry on flowering into early autumn.

Deadhead roses web

Pelargoniums and fuchsias can be increased now by taking short cuttings that can be rooted in small pots on a shady windowsill.

Pelargonium cuttings - step 3 web

Give hedges a trim now to tidy them up and to keep them in shape all through the autumn & winter months.

Keep the soil around the roots of runner beans and courgettes moist to keep them growing and fruiting if the weather is hot and dry.

If growing tomatoes, pinch out the growing tip of the plant to prevent more flower trusses forming. By doing this in early August it allows time for all fruits to develop and ripen by October.

There’s still time to sow beetroot, carrots, lettuce, spring onions, spinach and other leafy veg to enjoy through the autumn. After sowing keep the soil moist to help the seeds germinate.

Check apples and plums and if fruits are starting to turn brown and rot, they should be removed and disposed of. This is known as brown rot and if left on the tree it soon spreads to healthy fruits.

Brown rot on apples 2mp

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