Getting ready for plenty of visitors!

At this time of the year there is plenty of colour and interest to keep the garden looking good. We are busy keeping the garden tidy for the group visits through the summer and of course in preparation for the NGS open garden on Sunday 19th July. We hope to get lots of visitors and raise as much as possible for charity

Trailing tomatoes are ideal for growing in hanging baskets and by now the fruits should be starting to ripen. To help green fruits ripen and to encourage more to develop feed the plan weekly with a high potash liquid fertiliser.

First fruits from tomato plants

Feed vegetables such as runner beans with a high potash liquid feed which will help the flowers and beans develop. Being in liquid form, the nutrients are available straight away to the plants

The old-fashioned garden pink (dianthus) is very popular at the moment and there are many lovely colours to choose from, from white, through shades of pink to mauve and purple. As well as looking great in a border, they also make very good cut flowers for the house.

To keep hanging baskets in good condition, water daily and feed once a week with a high potash feed. Dead flowers also need pinching off on a regular basis.

Start taking cuttings of pelargoniums. Insert cuttings approx. 3 inches long around the edge of a pot and keep the cuttings out of direct sun and the compost moist.

Salad cops such as lettuce, radish, spring onions and mixed leaves can still be sown in the garden where they will grow fast in the warm soil, especially if you water. Ideally sow a few seeds every few weeks to keep a supply of tasty, fresh salads.


Lawns can struggle a little in the summer when the weather is hot and dry, especially if they are played on by children. To give the lawn a boost and to encourage strong, healthy grass give your lawn a summer feed – following the instructions of the container.


Cut back the old stems of herbaceous geraniums that have finished flower. If you water and feed, new growth will be made and hopefully a second fluch of flowers in alter summer.