Enjoy some winter colour in January’s garden

Jobs for January 2105

Although it’s the middle of winter there are plenty of plants that look good and provide colour and interest in the garden. A couple that are look good at the moment are Mahonia ‘Charity’ with its sulphur yellow, scented flowers and the red stemmed dogwoods that really stand out at this time of the year.

If you are storing onions grown last summer check them regularly to make sure they are not starting to rot. The ideal situation to keep them in good condition is in a dark, frost-free shed. Too warm and they will sprout and too cold and damp and they will rot.

Check wooden structures in the garden such as pergolas, fences and trellis panels and make good any damage.

Winter is the time to prune blueberry bushes by cutting out some of the oldest growth with a pair of secateurs. Don’t prune off lots of shoots, just a couple to encourage new growth in the spring.

Winter hanging baskets need checking every week to make sure the plants are healthy and in good condition. Remove any dead leaves and flowers and make sure the compost is moist.