Juicy treats in June’s Kitchen

Chocolate Cherry Glory

Thanks to our audiences at the Lincolnshire Show and RHS Harlow Carr this month – it was great to see you and as promised here is the recipe for this tempting pud!

This is such a classic and delicious combination of flavours that it’s hard to go wrong!

It’s worth investing in a cherry stoner if you’re cooking with cherries – they’re available from all good cookshops

The cherry compote can be used in lots of other ways and it freezes well too. Use it to top ice cream, pancakes, yoghurt or with your overnight oats

For the cherry compote:

225g cherries pitted and halved

½ tbspn sugar

1  tbspn water

1 tbspn kirsch/amaretto

¼ tspn cornflour

¼ tspn water

  • Put your stoned cherries in a medium pan along with the sugar, water and kirsch. Simmer gently for about 5 minutes until they have softened and their juices have been released.
  • Mix the cornflour and water together in a bowl then add to the cherries and stir for a minute or so until slightly thickened
  • Leave to cool

For the pudding:

Use a tall serving dish or wine glass – you need a couple of layers ideally

100g brownies, diced

55g cream cheese

125ml cream, whipped to just start thickening

1 tbspn icing sugar

1 tspn van extract

  • Stir cream cheese in a bowl until smooth and add the sugar
  • Add the cream to cheese and stir or use a balloon whisk to bring together. Add in the vanilla essence Don’t overbeat or it will be difficult to use in your pud
  • Time to put everything together – start with a cherry or two I the bottom of you glass then add a layer of brownies. Spoon over some more cherries along with some juice to soak into the brownies. Add a layer of cream then repeat to the top of your glass

You can eat this straight away but it’s really good if you can leave it for a few hours as the brownie melts into the cherries and becomes soft and more like a sauce!