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In The Kitchen

Super blueberries in July’s kitchen

Posted: 11th July 2021

Blueberries web

Another one from our demos at the shows – I have to say this is one of my favourites and I’m so sorry that we couldn’t share this with everyone watching! I remember my mum serving us eggy bread when we were little as a special treat with bacon and tomatoes and she used to […]

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Show cooking in July’s kitchen – French beans and courgettes in a herby sauce vert

Posted: 11th July 2021

M&J on stage web

It’s so great to be out and about again with Martin sharing our love of cooking with fresh fruit and veg. We’ve got loads of shows coming up over the next few weeks so if you’re looking at this page because you liked the recipes we were doing – welcome! Normally we’d be giving out […]

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May’s kitchen treat – asparagus

Posted: 17th May 2021

Asparagus & pea tart.JPG - web

It was a bit of a a slow start to the asparagus season this year and it was really struggling with frosty mornings and a complete lack of water – so much so that the asparagus patch needed watering. Not any longer! Here in North Yorkshire we’ve had our fair share of rain since the […]

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Rosy rhubarb in March’s kitchen

Posted: 9th March 2021

Forced rhubarb - web

In the midst of our house move – (only 2 weeks to go!) I can’t resist using the forced rhubarb that we have growing away inside the old forcing pot. We’ll have to take it off the rhubarb when we go so we might as well enjoy those tender stems of rosy pink magic while […]

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Last of the brussels in February’s kitchen

Posted: 19th February 2021

Mix spouts with bacon and leek - web

My children will be amazed that I’m posting this recipe as they know my monumental dislike of brussel sprouts. At Christmas I’d always be the one forced to have one on my plate but would end up sneaking it onto Martin’s when he was pulling his cracker! But, someone told me to try roasting brussels and I […]

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"Thank you for allowing us to visit your lovely garden on Tuesday. I'm sure we all learned a lot and Jill's refreshments were of course the icing on the cake!"
Jackie from Egglescliffe Gardening Club