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In The Kitchen

Christmas cabbage in December’s kitchen!

Posted: 23rd December 2017

Red cabbage

I love the smells of Christmas more than anything else I think – well maybe as much as the tastes! Yesterday I made our braised red cabbage which we always have with our Christmas meal and the smell is just wonderful! The whole house was filled with hints of spices and fruit. It really livens […]

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Sticky tea time treat in November’s kitchen!

Posted: 6th November 2017

Finished 2

We have tried growing sweet potatoes but have really limited success! The crop’s quite small and they take up so much room in the polytunnel that they’re probably not worth the effort. We didn’t grow any this year so I try and remember to buy one now and again as we really love the taste. […]

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Enjoy a squash in October’s kitchen!

Posted: 27th October 2017

9 Squash and chicken lasagne

I do love a squash! Have you tried the bowl shaped ones? They’re perfect for stuffing, roasting then eating straight from the oven. For a real treat I fry up a mix of leeks and chunky pieces of ham then pour in some cream and fill up your de-seeded squash. Use the top as a […]

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Holiday time in September’s kitchen!

Posted: 26th September 2017


So sorry I haven’t posted a recipe for a while. We’ve had a few sad family issues happening and the garden’s been keeping us so busy there hasn’t been time to sit on the computer to post! So a quick one for the end of September to keep you going – with tomatoes. We’ve had […]

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June’s kitchen is smelling fantastic!

Posted: 19th June 2017


When I’m out in the garden at the moment I’m surrounded by wonderful smells! I love Philadelphus and it really is at its best at the moment – such a sweet fruity fragrance. We’ve got one in almost every different bed around the garden specially so that we can smell it everywhere we go! The […]

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"Thank you for allowing us to visit your lovely garden on Tuesday. I'm sure we all learned a lot and Jill's refreshments were of course the icing on the cake!"
Jackie from Egglescliffe Gardening Club