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In The Kitchen

Keep the chill out in November’s kitchen!

Posted: 6th November 2018

Finished 1

There’s definitely a nip in the air so time for some warming winter dishes I think! Before the frosts get too heavy we’ve dug up all our crop of potatoes and beetroot and they’re safely tucked away in the store ready for use over the winter. I used a batch of the potatotes the other […]

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Plum jobs in September’s kitchen!

Posted: 12th September 2018

toss plums in sugars

I was going to call this post – ‘getting stoned in September’s kitchen’ but thought the google police might not like it!! We haven’t had a brilliant crop of stone fruits this year. Martin blames the weather!! There were some early ripening plums but on splitting open there was a little grub munching its way […]

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Summer salads for August’s kitchen

Posted: 28th August 2018


It’s quite busy at the moment in our veg plot!! I’m trying to preserve as much fruit and veg as possible – we managed to store enough runner and French beans last year to keep us going through the winter and we’ve only just finished the last jar of redcurrant jelly from last year’s crop! […]

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Wonderful smells in June’s kitchen

Posted: 24th June 2018


When I’m out in the garden at the moment I’m surrounded by wonderful smells! I love Philadelphus and it really is at its best at the moment – such a sweet fruity fragrance. We’ve got one in almost every different bed around the garden specially so that we can smell it everywhere we go! The […]

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Super spring greens in April’s kitchen

Posted: 12th April 2018

Spring green cannelloni - finished 1

Spring Greens should be fairly high on the list of super foods – trouble is it doesn’t look particularly gorgeous or appealing! It is just starting to come out of the veg plot though and it’s full of antioxidants, iron, minerals and fibre. The dark green leaves are best eaten as young as possible and […]

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"Thank you for allowing us to visit your lovely garden on Tuesday. I'm sure we all learned a lot and Jill's refreshments were of course the icing on the cake!"
Jackie from Egglescliffe Gardening Club