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November 2021

Jobs for November’s garden

Posted: 10th November 2022

After the hot, dry summer and early part of the autumn, at long last we’ve had some decent rain that has seeped in several inches and the garden now looks so much better as a result. However, when you dig down a spade’s depth in our garden, the soil is still very dry, so we […]

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November jobs in the garden with Martin

Posted: 16th November 2021

Hello everyone and hope you are all keeping well? Autumn is definitely with us now and after a late start, there’s now plenty of wonderful autumn colours to be seen in gardens and the countryside. Because it’s been a late season many flowering plants have also gone on much later than normal to give us […]

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"Martin Fish - better than all the TV gardeners! Such a great raconteur and very witty. Not to be missed!"
Jill Pullan, Ashfield USA